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Monday, July 03, 2006


Hello there everyone,
I just want to keep you guys up to date with all of the goings on around here.

Ok, so our house went on the market at the end of May, and still no bites. We lowered our asking price last Monday, increased the commission to the selling agent AND add a bonus for the selling agent. I am hoping that we get a bite soon. I would like to be out of here before school starts... Ok you can quit laughng at me now!!! :-)

If you would like more info about our house send me a comment with your e-mail address in it.

Other than John parents moved closer to us 3.5 hours away vs. 7-8 hours away! We haven't seen their new house yet, but the plan is to go next Saturday. I am going to sign the boys up for soccer in Redding AND Burney. That way they can play no matter where we are at the time!!! Jason will be able to play this year :-) I am so happy for him. And of course Jeremy LOVES playing.

I have to go for now. Have a fun and Safe 4th of July!!!


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