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Friday, January 05, 2007

My First Entry for 2007

Christmas and New Years were great. So with that said here is to 2007!!!!!
On January 3 John went and had a scratch test done and he is allergic to EVERYTHING (this test tested for environmental allergies). So the next phase for him is to have a blood test for food allergies. The boys and I are going to be tested also mainly to make sure that we can do what ever we can to have a healthy 2007. Doctors have said that Jason keeps catching viri which cause him to have very high fevers because he has allergies... But he has never been tested for which one they have just given him Clarinex... I called our insurance and they will cover 100% for allergy testing and 100% for allergy shots so why not have everyone tested and just have to pay our co-pay?
Yesterday the boys and I went to Redding and took John out to lunch. After lunch we took dad back to work and went to get tickets for Eragon. We chose a later time so John could go with us. After we got the tickets we had about an hour to kill so we went to Michaels. While we were there there was a VERY loud hail storm that didn't last very long but the boys and I went to the door to see what all the noise was about. That hail storm translated to snow at home. Not much but enough to have the plows out and for the roads to be icy when we were driving home after the movie.
School starts on Monday I think that Jeremy and Jason are ready to go back. I just hope that Jason doesn't pick up a new virus when he goes back. I will keep my fingers crossed.
In two weeks Jeremy will test for his orange belt in Kempo. He is very excited about this. He is also excited about the tournament at the end of the month in Redding. He has said he would like to get another trophy. I just hope that it isn't because of a scoring error like last time.

The house is still on the market. We will see what happens when spring comes and go from there.

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