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Thursday, July 15, 2004


Wow! We just got back from Disneyland, and boy was it fun. After our busy holiday weekend we got packed for our trip to the magic kingdom. the boys and I met John at the Sacramento airport after he got off work July 8th. They boys did great for their first time flying.

They loved seeing Mickey and his friends. The first night we were there Jeremy was so tired that he fell asleep on John's shoulders on the way back to the hotel. Jeremy especially liked it when we went to California adventure, because we got to see Play House Disney Live (the show). After that Jeremy got to be in a little show where he had to tell people to 'Reach for the sky" like Woody in Toy Story. He even made guns with his two fingers. After that the actor gave Jeremy a sketch of Woody. Then we went over to the Tower Of Terror and Jeremy was big enough to get on! So of course John took Jeremy on the ride and after wards Jeremy told me that he was really scared and when I asked him if he would go on it with me he said no!!!! They also had a couple of palces in the park where you could play in the water. Other than that we stayed mostly in Disneyland and Down Town Disney. Oddly enough Jeremy and Jason are both big enough to go on the Materhorn. However we did not take them on it because it had a huge line. Oh yeah the best part... Jason and I were waiting at King Arthur's Carosel for John and Jeremy to come off of Peter Pan. When they finally got off we were just standing there talking and a guy who worked there approached us. He asked if we had been on Peter Pan well we said yes and he asked us if we wanted to go again of course we said yes. It turns out that Manni (the worker) is a Magic Moments maker for the park. When we went on Peter Pan we didn't have to wait in line!! He took us in through the exit. We also got to go on Dumbo and Mr. Toads Wild Ride. It was totally unexpected that they even had these people doing this. Manni has been doing this for a year and a half and I can see why he loves his job. He gets paid to give people magic moments.

I can't wait 'til we can go back to Disneyland. If I had my way we would never leave
"The Happiest Place On Earth" !!!


July 4th

This week was a very busy week in preparation for Sam comming to visit for the holiday weekend.  My parents and my sister were here for four days visiting and helping me with some last minute things around the house. 
John, Sam and her friend Ohmie got to the house pretty  late on Friday.  There were a lot of events going on around town this weekend. 
Saturday we went to the parade which was right down the street from us.  All we had to do was go to the corner to watch it.  The parade was pretty cool, it was everything that you picture when you think of a small town parade.  Then we went to the Civil War reinactment.  Jason slept through the whole thing even the canons going off right in front of us!  We ate lunch at the VFW bbq and some of us had good food and others had crappy food.  We came back to the house and played on our new trampoline.  We had bbq tri-tip for dinner with green salad corn on the cobb and a mixed fruit salad. 
Sunday we went to Mt.  Lassen and played in Lake Manzanita.  It was pretty fun for it being our first time to Lassen.  Sam and Ohmie made a chicken stir fry for dinner that night.  Wth noodles green salad and garlic bread. 
Monday we took Sam to Burney Falls.  After that we went to Lake Britton and rented paddle boats.  We had a great time playing in the water.  John, Sam and Ohmie left that afternoon to go back to Brentwood.
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