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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update 2009

Well the school year started yesterday. The boys like their teachers (thank goodness). Jason is in second grade and he has the same teacher that he had for first grade... The second grade teacher that he was supposed to have whom Jeremy had decided to retire after summer started (which was a bummer since I wasn't able to say good bye). So Jason's first grade teacher got the second grade class of the teacher who retired. I was really excited to find this out as was Jason. Jeremy has a male teacher and thinks he is fun. I really like him because of the way he teaches and the way he runs his class.

I also started class yesterday. I am taking three classes and a lab this semester. My three classes are online like usual, but for my lab I have to actually go to campus. Which is a little exciting because I get to interact with others in person rather than in discussion posts. But I have to physically be om campus once a week at a certain time which is kind of a bummer. I am so not used to having to go to campus for class... My lab teacher is an interesting man. So we will see how this lab goes. My World History class seems like it is going to be very interesting to me, I am having to repeat College Algebra which really sucks. I fell behind the last time I took it and was never able to catch back up. I REALLY have to work on not procrastinating... My Environmental Science Class also seems like it is going to be VERY interesting. I am also going to brush up on my Spanish so I can test out of it for a grade and credit. That way I don't have to go to class on campus next semester.

I am still PTO President but I have delegated more this time around so hopefully it works out. I am still on the substitute list for the school, I am just not able to work on Tuesdays because of my lab. The boys are also playing soccer again this fall. This is one of the years where they are on two different teams in two different age levels. So I will be at soccer practice Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Their games will be on Saturdays and Wednesdays. So when Jeremy has a game on Wednesday he doesn't have practice on Thursday.

We had a great summer. The boys swam with the Redding Ducks which is a competitive swim club that has both a year around program and a summer program. They both did really well at the meets improving their times greatly through out the season. We went camping with friends and John's older brother and family for a week in June. That was really fun! We got to use my great yard sale find which was a three room tent that sleeps seven that I found for $10! Yes, you read it correctly I got it for $10. There was nothing wrong with it and it had ALL the pieces. Our friends brought their wave runner which we were able to ride. It was really fun! We also go to go tubing and we loved that too! We ended the summer this past weekend by taking the kids to Circus Circus in Reno. The kids had never been before and they had a BLAST! We took them to play at the Midway which has carnival like games that are decent prices. Jeremy won two hug stuffed animals all by himself. The first one he had to throw a dart and have it land inside a white star. It couldn't even be touching the outline. At that game he won a big leopard. The second one he had to knock three alphabet blocks that were stacked on top of each other all the way off the table in one throw. At that game he won a huge bill dog. The dog is almost as long as Jeremy is tall! Jason got a lot of top prizes as well, but he got those by trading up his smaller prizes. John and I also hit the casino which was fun. Since everyone had fun I hope that we can go back maybe in the winter so we can also do some snowboarding.

Jason has a cough that I first noticed on Friday. It has gotten progressively worse so I took him to the Doctor today. She said that it is nothing contagious and that it is allergy related. So he is on ANOTHER allergy medicine in the am for at least 30 days and benadryl at night with his other allergy meds and an inhailer as needed. I really hope that this goes away soon!