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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Well I haven't written in a while so I'll catch you up to
speed with everything. The boys celebrated their birthdays quietly at home with mom and dad. The rest of August wasn't that eventfull.

For Labor Day there was the Intermountain Fair in Macarthur. It was great, when we got there we went directly to the animals. First there were the cows I personally haven't had much interaction with cows so every time I do get to see one it is such a thrill. They are so soft and they look like dogs. You (I any ways) want to just go up and give each one a hug. Next the sheep. Have you ever felt a sheep after it has been sheared? I hadn't until that day and their skin is so soft compared to the coarsness of their wool. The felt like John's head a couple of days after he has shaved it. Then their were the pigs. They were huge. And they were not soft at all. It was kind of funny to see them moving the hay around to make a more comfortable spot to lay. There was one that had his head completely covered in hay... then he moved. Last there was the rabbits, they were very soft and cute. We also said hi to the Turkey.

When we were done with the animals we went to get lunch. While at lunch Mother Goose rode by on her bicycle with Jack be nibbles in her basket. After we ate we went to ride the ponies and then off to the rides. Jeremy and Jason wanted to go on the dragon ride and half way through Jason wanted to get off. Luckily they were the only two on it and the guy stopped it to let Jason off. When he got off Jeremy decided that he wanted to get off. John and the boys went through the fun house. John and Jeremy also went on a couple of big slides also. The last ride was John and Jeremy on the Ferris Wheel. I thought that Jeremy was going to freak out because it was so high, but every time I saw hiw he had a HUGE smile on his face.

On the way out we stopped by the cows one last time, and John
got the crap scared out of him. We were walking through looking at the cows and John decided that he was going to get closer to the cow that was laying down and pet it. Well we aren't sure if it was John or the people that were trying to pet his head, but that cow got up so fast that John jumped!!! Needless to say after that we turned around and
headed for the car. All in all we had a very enjoyable time.

September is here and that means that Jeremy started pre-k /pre-school. He goes down to the community center twice a week.
He is very happy to meet some local kids that are his age and some will be going to Kindergaten with him. Jason doesn't quite know what to do with himself when Jeremy is at school. I have a feeling that that is going to change soon.

The weather was hot here all summer and then there was Labor
Day. Ever since then it has gotten considerably cooler and windy.
It's about time. Bring om the snow I say....

Until next time.