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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well we have been very busy as of late. Jeremy is in T-ball for the first season and he is loving it. He also competed in his first Karate tournament on May 7th. He did really well. He was very proud of his 3rd place trophy for his forms (there was a scoring error that was realized after awards were given out, but he got to keep his trophy anyways) and he received a medal for sparring. When we move down to the Redding area he will be able to go to karate more than just once a week which will be good. There are only three more weeks of school left and I can't believe how fast this year went.

I reinstated my Real Estate license last Thursday under a different broker. I am very excited to be working in this new office. I am also going to be the listing agent on our house and will be able to write an offer when we find a new place. We are going to look at a house this weekend and maybe a couple of others while we ware in the area. So far one for sure. We are planning on putting the house on the market by next weekend! I will post pictures of the house with my next post. It makes more sense to John and I for me to use my license and pay me a part of the commission rather than someone else. My new office has FAR less fees than my old office!!! Which is a HUGE plus!

I failed to mention in my last post that my sister is now living with us. She turned 18 in December and graduated in January. She is really helpful and the boys like having her around. She went to visit my parents for two weeks and is coming home a week from today. Unless she changes her mind again, we will see though.